Occupation Regent
Status Deceased
Affiliation Jacobee
Ryder (in secret)
The Widow (in secret)
First appearance "White Stork Spreads Wings"
Portrayed by Ellen Hollman

Zypher was Jacobee's regent.


Zypher meets with Sunny in the woods. She suggests Sunny clip Quinn in order to prevent a war from happening. Sunny asks Zypher to instead arrange a meeting between Jacobee and Quinn.[1]

Zypher meets with Ryder. They set a date and time for the parley, but before Zypher leaves, Ryder tells her he has another proposal for her. Later, Zypher and Jacobee meet with Sunny and Quinn. Quickly, it spirals out of control, resulting in combat. Sunny finds a butterfly star and realizes that The Widow set them up. He shows it to Quinn, Jacobee and Zypher, telling them that The Widow was responsible. Still, Jacobee blames Quinn for antagonizing her. Back at the Widow's hideout, Zypher and The Widow meet with Ryder. The Widow makes a deal with Ryder; if he and Zypher help her they will become barons.[2]

Zypher and Ryder meet near a river. Ryder shares Quinn's plan to leave the Fort that night. Zypher tells him that she'll bring Jacobee, who wants to kill Quinn. She tells him that she plans to clip Jacobee right after. Ryder tells her not to notify The Widow. Later, Zypher, Jacobee and Ryder standoff with Quinn and M.K. in the road. Quinn cuts M.K.'s back, making his eyes go black. He throws Jacobee and Zypher into a wall, killing them.[3]


  • It is strongly hinted that she was once a love interest for Sunny prior to season one.
  • She is one of seven named current or former regents of the badlands as of season two, episode four[4], along with Nathaniel Moon, Sunny, Teague, Tilda, Cormac, and Waldo.


Season 1Edit


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  2. "Two Tigers Subdue Dragons"
  3. "Hand of Five Poisons"
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