Family Hannah (wife)
Veil (adoptive daughter)
Henry (adoptive grandson)
Status Deceased
First appearance "Fist Like a Bullet"
Portrayed by Tony Bentley

Vernon was the husband of Hannah and adoptive father of Veil. He was the personal doctor of Quinn and was killed after diagnosing Quinn's illness.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Being married to Hannah, Vernon and Hannah were incapable of bearing children of their own. After saving Lydia's life after she had given birth to Ryder, Veil was given to Vernon and Hannah as a reward. They both loved and raised her.[1]

Death Edit

One evening, Quinn and Sunny visited Vernon's residence for a checkup. In his examination room, Vernon diagnosed Quinn with a brain tumor. Quinn, who feared Vernon's knowledge of his sickness, murdered both Vernon and Hannah on the spot so word wouldn't get out.[1]

Appearances Edit

Season 1 Edit

References Edit

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