Family The Widow (adopted mother)
Occupation Regent (formerly)
Status Alive
Affiliation The Widow (formerly)
First appearance Fist Like a Bullet
Portrayed by Ally Ioannides

Tilda is the teenage daughter of The Widow, and the former Regent to her. She has a strong moral compass, which forms the backbone of her story throughout the series.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Little has been revealed about Tilda's life prior to taking up her mantle as one of the Widow's clippers and eventually her Regent. It is mentioned by the Widow in season 1 (and later confirmed by Tilda herself), that during the rule of her late husband, a younger Tilda served as one of her personal attendants and the two had a good relationship. The Widow's protectiveness over her presumably began years ago; she murdered her husband (and by extension, took over his barony) to protect Tilda from her husband's sexual abuse. From this moment on, the Widow acknowledged Tilda as her (symbolically) adopted daughter, and trained her in the art of killing and self-defense.

Season one Edit

Fist Like a Bullet Edit

Tilda is introduced in this episode. Her first appearance shows her hunting in the woods where she encounters MK. She takes him to The Widow to protect him. In order to make an ally, Tilda engages in a fight that ends with her killing her opponent. The episode ends with Tilda helping MK escape after realizing The Widow's intentions with him may not be innocent.[1]

White Stork Spreads Wings Edit

After Quinn's forces attack, The Widow and her butterflies are forced to set up camp in a new location: The Sanctuary. Tilda talks back to The Widow after she shut down a moment of levity. When speaking to Tilda about the incident, The Widow mentions Tilda being a house Cog for her and also hints at the sexual abuse Tilda went through.[2]

Two Tigers Subdue Dragons Edit

Tilda is part of a plan to incite bad blood between Quinn and Jacobee. She shows up at the parlay between them and hurls a pick-axe at Quinn, meant to look like one of Jacobee's Clippers threw it at Quinn instead. MK sees her and follows her in the ensuing riot. The two engage in a fight before Tilda cuts him. This act unleashes his dark powers and he forcefully attacks Tilda. She is able to reach MK right before he lands a punch, showing that Tilda can help him stop his dark abilities from taking over.[3]

Snake Creeps Down Edit

Tilda warns MK that The Widow knows about his abilities. However, Sunny catches them talking and captures her. Quinn orders Sunny to torture Tilda for information about The Widow. Before he can do so, The Widow shows up to rescue her daughter. MK helps Tilda escape while The Widow and Sunny fight. When MK activates his powers, Tilda helps her mother, who has been severely injured by Sunny, escape.[4]

Hand of Five Poisons Edit

Tilda captures Veil and takes her back to The Sanctuary in order to treat The Widow's injuries. After Veil helps The Widow ,she gives Tilda a choice: she can either give the medicine to The Widow or give her poison. The final scene with Tilda shows her debating about which action to chose.[5]

Season two Edit

Tiger Pushes Mountain Edit

The season opener answers questions from the previous season's finale: Tilda chose not to kill The Widow and is also shown to be promoted to Regent. Tilda helps in reclaiming The Widow's oilfields. The bond between the two appears to have been strengthened. However, Tilda later disobeys orders not to kill some of Quinn's clippers who mistreated some Dolls.[6]

Force of Eagle's Claw Edit

Tilda chats with Waldo about what being a regent is about, however their ideas differ.[7]

Red Sun, Silver MoonEdit

Tilda is surprised that The Widow has chosen Waldo to accompany her to the Baron meeting. Instead, she is put in charge of The Sanctuary if The Widow does not return. While Tilda is unhappy about this choice, she accepts it.[8]

Palm of the Iron Fox Edit

Odessa questions why Tilda is not at the Baron meeting to protect The Widow. She advises Tilda to trust her gut, leading her to arrive at the meeting just in time to save Waldo and help her mother.[9]

Monkey Leaps Through Mist Edit

Leopard Stalks in Snow Edit

Odessa tells Tilda she is leaving. When questioned about it, Odessa states that The Widow is no less worse than any other Baron. Tilda then tells Odessa about her relationship with The Widow and why she believes her to be better than the other Barons. This conversation confirms the sexual abuse by The Widow's ex-husband that was implied in episode four. The Widow killed her husband in order to protect Tilda from him. Tilda states that is the first time she had ever loved somebody. Upon hearing this, Odessa says she will stay, but not for The Widow. She kisses Tilda. After a moment of surprise, Tilda responds to the kiss. Waldo catches the two but only cares about not getting too attached (as Clippers are not supposed to have love lives). Tilda is also reunited with Veil for the first time since last season's finale. She gets the chance to see Veil and Sunny's son: Henry.[10]

Black Heart, White Mountain Edit

Tilda is part of The Widow's assault on Jade's manor.[11]

Sting of the Scorpion's Tail Edit

Tilda is unhappy with the alliance between The Widow and Quinn. Her unhappiness becomes stronger when she sees Veil at Quinn's manor. She puts the pieces together that The Widow sold Veil back to Quinn in order to broker their alliance; an action that strongly displeases her. MK and Tilda meet for the first time since episode five. Despite her growing uneasiness with her mother's plans, Tilda engages in a battle alongside her mother, Sunny and MK against Chau's forces.[12]

Nightingale Sings No More Edit

Tilda's wariness of The Widow's goals intensifies after a series of setbacks. When Tilda returns empty-handed after being ordered to go find Sunny, The Widow cuttingly reminds Tilda that she is a Baron (in response to Tilda calling her mother). This angers Tilda greatly and causes her to confront The Widow on all of her actions. Tilda directly tells The Widow she should have killed her when she had the chance (referring to the choice Veil gave her in last season's finale). The Widow slaps Tilda, leading to a violent emotionally charged battle between the two. Tilda is defeated when she is knocked unconscious.[13]

Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire Edit

Tilda wakes up in a cell alongside Bajie. She comes to the realization that she is a prisoner now and laments the fact that The Widow is capable of hurting her so much, despite how close they were. Odessa shows up with the keys to open the cell. Tilda, Odessa and Bajie all escape from The Widow's compound. They have a brief run-in with Waldo, who ends up helping them escape. Tilda and Odessa leave together while Bajie decides to stay back to help Sunny, who is facing off with Quinn.[14]

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