• In season one MK steals the book from the Widow. The last time we see the book it's in the hands of Veil who is trying to translate it. Then the first season ends in chaos and Sunny, MK and Veil get separated. Then in season two, episode six, the Widow takes Veil in as a refugee. The Widow asks Veil to open a drawer, and there the book is! The widow only says that "MK stole if from me". Three episodes later (S02E09) the Widow waves the book in front of MK after he has arrived at her mansion. Again it is not explained how the Widow got her hands on the book after the end of season one. She only says to MK that "fortunately it found its way back to us".

    Did anyone else notice how this happened? It's like a few scenes are missing from either the last episode of season one, or some episode in season two which would explain how the Widow found the book again.

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