• I recently started watching Into the Badlands and the moment I saw MK's medallion,  I immediately thought of a similar image from the game Bioshock. In a recent episode, the same image appears on a Wired magazine that MK says is proof Azra exists, with the word Bioshock on the cover to the left of the image. That got me thinking,  what if the show is a version of Bioshock? In Bioshock Infinite we learn that there are multiple versions of the story, so the following are a few examples of similarities I noticed between the two. 1) MK believes there is a paradise that no one else seems to know about or how to get there except for a few people and the mysterious compass and book, similar to Rapture and Columbia. 2) The "super powers " MK and the others have could be Adam related. 3) The needles used to get rid of the powers remind me of the needles the little sisters use to extract Adam from corpses in Rapture. On a side note possible spoiler alert I think "flea" is Widow, that's how she new about MK in the first place. 4) with that being said, is Widow a little sister and Bajie her big daddy? These are just some observations, maybe they're true, maybe the shows creator is a Bioshock fan? I guess we'll know more if someone runs across a mysterious lighthouse. 

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