Family Unnamed wife
Occupation Baron
Status Deceased
First appearance "Palm of the Iron Fox"
Portrayed by Ivo Canelas

Rojas is a Baron of the Badlands and currently the ruler of the Grasshopper Territory, making him Baron of Agriculture. He is the only Baron to have voted against the breach of the foundation treaty at the conclave, thus backing up The Widow. His signature weapon was a cane that could split in half, revealing two blades inside.

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“Owing to a bit of shared history, Rojas is perhaps The Widow’s most likely ally among the other Barons.”[1]


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  • He is the only known Baron to be seen or mentioned as the ruler of the Grasshopper Territory.
  • His Baroness sent a blood orange to Jade as a gift.
  • He is only Baron who voted for The Widow over Ryder at The Conclave.
  • It is safe to assume that Rojas is deceased. At the beginning of the first episode of season 3, The Widow says the following: "Now six barons are dead, only Chau refuses to yield." as she looks at a map of the Badlands and after she says this all of the barons marked territories on the map fade away except hers and Chau's, indicating that only she and Chau remain as barons. How Rojas died is still unknown however.
  • Interestingly, Rojas is the only Baron in the entire series to have not been heard saying anything on camera.
  • He is also the only Baron in the series to not make any further appearances after their debut episode.

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