River King
River King
Status Alive
Affiliation Himself
First appearance "Two Tigers Subdue Dragons"
Portrayed by Lance Nichols

The River King is a man responsible for getting people out of the Badlands.


Sunny rides to see the River King. He shows the guards Waldo's toy soldier and they step aside. The River King agrees to grant passage out of the Badlands if Sunny brings him the boy who slaughtered a shipment of his Cogs. He hands Sunny a "wanted" poster with M.K.'s face on it.[1]

The River King is greeted by Sunny, who drops a sack on his desk. The River King pulls a severed head out of the bag and studies it. After comparing the head to the picture on the wanted poster, The River King agrees to grant Sunny passage out of the Badlands at midnight. Later, after Sunny is knocked out by the Abbots, the River King takes Sunny and locks him up on his boat. When Sunny awakes, The River King drops Bale's head in front of him, knowing that Sunny lied.[2]


Season 1Edit


  • In the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en, bodies of water are governed by dragons, the most notable ones being the Four Dragon Kings responsible for the East Sea, South Sea, West Sea and North Sea respectively. Rivers and wells are given to their relatives, who also hold the title of king and are often notorious for causing trouble. The Dragon Kings are worshipped by common people for rain, but they cannot act on their own behalves and must follow the orders of Heaven. Dragons can take human form.


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  2. "Hand of Five Poisons"

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