The Pickaxe Territory is one of the seven Baronies of the Badlands. It is the easternmost Barony and it shares it's borders with Narwhal Territory, Armadillo Territory and Butterfly Territory.

Due to the death of it's Baron, Pickaxe Territory was taken over by Ryder and absorbed into Armadillo Territory. Jade became it's most recent baron after Ryder's death.

Due to the events of the war, Pickaxe Territory has been absorbed by Butterfly Territory.

Primary ResourceEdit

Pickaxe Territory main resource is mining operations.


  • Jacobee(formerly; succeeded by Ryder)
  • Ryder(formerly; succeeded by Jade)
  • Jade (formerly, exiled)


Animal MotifEdit

The animal associated with Pickaxe Territory is unknown.

Color AssociationEdit

The primary colour of the Pickaxe Territory is blue and green plaid.

Clipper ForceEdit

The Pickaxe Clipper force is potentially the one of weakest to be shown onscreen thus far, with the only battle shown with them as participants was in the Dead City where entire parley escort besides Jacobee and Zypher were killed at the mistaken attack against Quinn's equally sized escort with Quinn having several men left after the conflict ended.

Pickaxe Clipper's speciality weapon is the pickaxe.


  • Besides the Armadillo Territory and the Butterfly Territory, the Pickaxe Territory is the only territory to have its Clippers shown onscreen.
  • Pickaxe Territory has had 3 Barons over the course show so far.