The easternmost Barony and neighbor of the Armadillo Territory, Butterfly Territory, and Narwhal Territory, it was formerly ruled by Jacobee until the showdown with Quinn[1].

Primary OutputEdit

Seeing how the coins and flags from this territory are marked by twin pickaxes, it is no surprise that it's economy is primarily supported by it's mining operations, and is so centered around mining that even the Clippers use high quality pickaxes as weapons[2].

Clipper StrengthEdit

This Territory's Clipper force is potentially the weakest to be shown onscreen thus far, with the only battle shown with them as participants was in the Dead City where entire parley escort besides Jacobee and Zypher were killed at the mistaken attack against Quinn's equally sized escort with Quinn having several men left after the conflict ended.


Formerly ruled by Jacobee and his father before him, it's leadership fell into chaos after the failed coup in the road against Quinn when he cut M.K. and set him loose to kill Jacobee, Zypher, and Ryder. However, Ryder survived and with Quinn, Jacobee, and Zypher assumed dead, he assumed command of his father's Barony, The Widow's territory, and Jacobee's territory. With Ryder's death and Jade's new rise to Baronhood, it's leadership could currently be challenged by those who see Ryder's death as an opportunity for power.


  • Besides the Armadillo Territory and the Butterfly Territory, the Pickaxe Territory is the only territory to have its Clippers shown onscreen.



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