Family Lydia (daughter)
Quinn (ex - son-in-law)
Ryder † (grandson)
Status Alive
Affiliation Totemists
First appearance "Snake Creeps Down"
Portrayed by Lance Henriksen

Penrith is the father of Lydia and leader of the Totemists.


Penrith is visited by Ryder. Penrith recounts what happened to Ryder as a child, but Ryder tells him that he doesn't want to talk about the past and shows him M.K.'s pendant. Penrith recognizes the design on M.K.'s pendant and tells him that Azra is just a made-up place that Cog orphans were led to believe they're from and that a maker probably forged the pendant using a photo from the old world. Penrith tells Ryder that he is welcome to return if he wishes to "embark on a different course." After Ryder leaves, Penrith tells an older man to send word to the Abbots.[1]

Lydia arrives at Penrith's commune, much to his surprise. When she begs for mercy, he orders her to kneel and rededicate herself to a spiritual path. She obliges and Lydia walks into a pool where she is cleansed.[2]


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  1. "Snake Creeps Down"
  2. "Hand of Five Poisons"

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