Nathaniel Moon
Nathaniel Moon
Family Unnamed † (wife)
Unnamed † (son)
Occupation Regent for The Widow,

Bounty Hunter (formerly), Regent for The Widow’s husband (formerly)

Status Alive
Affiliation The Widow
The Widow’s husband (formerly)
First appearance "Red Sun, Silver Moon"
Portrayed by Sherman Augustus

Nathaniel Moon, also known as Silver Moon, was a Regent who left the Badlands in order to find peace after his 999th kill. Outside the Badlands, he won a warlord’s daughter with whom he had a son. However, his wife and his child were later killed by the brother of a Nomad he had clipped for his Baron years ago. In the outlying territories, he would collect bounties on occasion. He helped save Sunny and Bajie from the people chasing them and offered them shelter. He discussed his past with Sunny and told Sunny that Veil and Henry would be better off if he never returned to them. He challenged Sunny to get his 1000th tattoo as he saw in him a worthy opponent, but Nathaniel was defeated by Sunny. He was angered when Sunny refused to kill him, denying him the honourable death he hoped their fight might earn him if he lost. Furious, he picked up his sword and charged Sunny when his back was turned only for Bajie to slice his sword hand off. Nathaniel began bleeding out, disgusted that Bajie was going to steal and sell his sword. Sunny angrily told him that even Nathaniel's warnings wouldn't keep him from his family. Bajie and Sunny left Nathaniel to die.

Nathaniel Moon is set to reappear in Season 3 as The Widow’s new reagent, seeking revenge on Sunny for taking his sword, his hand, his chance at his 1000th kill and his chance for an honourable death.

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Season 3Edit

“After losing his hand -- and his honor -- to Sunny in Season 2, Moon reluctantly joins forces with the Widow in her war against Baron Chau in the hopes of avenging his feud with Sunny.”[1]


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