Family Unnamed father
Occupation Baron
Status Deceased
Affiliation Himself
First appearance "Two Tigers Subdue Dragons"
Portrayed by Edi Gathegi

Jacobee was a Baron of the Badlands, and was formerly in control of the Pickaxe Territory for gold and mining.


Jacobee and Zypher meet with Sunny and Quinn. Quickly, it spirals out of control, resulting in combat. Sunny finds a butterfly star and realizes that The Widow set them up. He shows it to Quinn, Jacobee and Zypher, telling them that The Widow was responsible. Still, Jacobee blames Quinn for antagonizing her.[1]

Jacobee, Zypher and Ryder standoff with Quinn and M.K. in the road. Quinn cuts M.K.'s back, making his eyes go black. He throws Jacobee and Zypher into a wall, killing them.[2]


Season 1Edit


  • Jacobee, Ryder, and Hassan are the only three Barons to be killed onscreen and coincidentally, were killed due to Quinn, either directly or caused.
  • Jacobee is one of six mentioned or seen deceased barons, along with his father, The Widow's husband, Ryder, Chau's father, and Quinn's Baron.


  1. "Two Tigers Subdue Dragons"
  2. "Hand of Five Poisons"

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