General RulesEdit

File extension Edit

There are several file extensions that can be uploaded to Into the Badlands Wikia, with the most common being .JPG, .GIF, and .PNG. .PNG' files are generally preferable due to its lossless data compression and show full quality of an image.


All images must have clear source info as to where the image is from. For this, they need to have the Filebox template filled out.

Source of ImagesEdit

  1. Images aside from promotional images , should come from Into the Badlands episodes.

Quality Edit

  1. The image should be of the highest quality available (720p or 1080p). HD screen-captures are preferred, with other formats being secondary. In the case of duplicate images, the highest quality image is kept.
  2. The image should be an accurate, dignifying representation of the character.
  3. The character in the infobox should be standing still, which includes all kind of absence of movement (characters should not be talking).
  4. An image from the character's torso up is sufficient for the infobox. Extreme facial closeups should be avoided.
  5. At the end of the day, a image is better then no image. However, these rules should be followed to the best of one's ability, and if a low quality image is uploaded, the said user in question should seek to replace it with one that adheres to the rules as soon as possible.

Replacement Edit

Replacing (overwriting an image) can take place when the original file is of low resolution/quality. In this case, the original picture must be replaced by the exact same version (in better quality) and or another photo that meets the guidelines above.

User imagesEdit

User images, along with being categorized correctly, must be named "User-Username-01" and the filetype, or if a second is uploaded "User-Username-01" and so on and so on, replacing Username with your own username. If an image is being used elsewhere in the wiki, such as in the mainspace or even another user's own personal user image, it may be used on your user page.

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