Occupation Nomad
Status Deceased
First appearance "Fist Like a Bullet"
Portrayed by Owen Harn

Hud was a leader of a group of Nomads.


Hud and two other Nomads meet with The Widow, who asks them to side with her, but they refuse, stating that if they move against Quinn, they will surely be destroyed. She offers them a deal; they will join her if Tilda can take down one of his men. Hud agrees to this deal, only if they can keep Tilda if she loses. Tilda fights and easily kills the man Hud selects. Later, Hud kidnaps M.K. due to the bounty that is on his head. Sunny and Ryder scout out a turbine station, where the Nomads are said to be. They find Hud and his men inside and a fight ensues. Just as Hud is about to kill Sunny, M.K. stabs him in the chest, killing him.[1]


Season 1Edit


  1. "Fist Like a Bullet"

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