The Grasshopper Territory is one of the seven Baronies of the Badlands. It shares it's borders with Pickaxe Territory, Butterfly Territory, Peacock Territory and Fox Territory.

Due to the events of the war, the most of the boundary of Grasshopper Territory has been absorbed into Fox Territory, only the far right has been taken by Butterfly Territory.

It is currently ruled by Rojas.

Primary ResourceEdit

Grasshopper Territory main resource is the production of agriculture, which supplies most of the fruits and vegetables seen throughout the Badlands and is arguably the most important resource of any Barony in the Badlands.



Animal MotifEdit

The animal associated is the Grasshopper Territory is the Grasshoppper.

Color AssociationEdit

The primary colours of the Grasshopper Territory are black and green.

Clipper ForceEdit

The Clipper Force is currently unknown as none of Rojas' men have been seen fighting.


  • It is unknown whether or not Rojas was killed or went into hiding after Quinn's attack on the conclave.