Conclave Voting

The Voting begins

A Conclave is a rare and sometimes dangerous meeting between the seven Barons of the Badlands that is called to order when a territory is threatened or a Baron feels wronged. There has only been one Conclave called onscreen, and was hosted by Ryder to defend his claim to the oil fields, but while all the Barons besides Rojas sided with him, The Widow avoided punishment by Quinn's untimely arrival.

Calling a ConclaveEdit

A Conclave can only be called by one of the seven Barons, typically during wartime or when at least two Baronies display high amounts of aggression toward each other. Once a Conclave has been called, the host Baron will set a location for the meeting to take place.

Purpose and OutcomeEdit


Ryder makes his case to the other barons

The purpose of a Conclave is to bring a peaceful resolution to any aggression between Barons while at the same time ensuring the laws of the Foundation Treaty are not broken. Once the accused and the accuser have both made their cases, the Barons cast their votes. On each seat two candles are placed, one with the color of the hosting Baron, and one with the color of the accused Baron. The vote is cast by lighting the candle of whichever Baron they see to be in the right. Once the majority rules, the decision is made and the punishment is carried out.


The Conclave is meant to be a peaceful hearing of events between all the Barons, and as such there are strict rules to be followed. The first rule is that there are no weapons except those carried by the local clipper force so that they can patrol for nomads. The second rule is that each Baron may bring only one person to the meeting, to function as an adviser. The third rule is that there is to be no fighting among the Barons during this time unless they attempt to avoid the ruling or punishment

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