Chipo Chung
Chipo Chung
Birth date August 17, 1977
Birthplace Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
Portrays The Master

Chipo Chung (born August 17, 1977) is a Zimbabwean actress. She portrays The Master on Into the Badlands.



Season 2Edit

Selected FilmographyEdit

  • Sunshine as Icarus (Voice)
  • In the Loop as Annabelle Hsin
  • A.D. The Bible Continues as Mary Magdalene
  • Camelot as Vivian
  • Fortitude as Trish Stoddart
  • Proof as University Friend
  • 360 as Editor
  • Doctor Who as Fortune Teller / Chantho
  • The Politician's Husband as Lian Hooper
  • Thirteen as Alia Symes

External linksEdit

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