Family Three wives †
Four daughters †
Occupation Baron
Status Deceased
Affiliation Himself
First appearance "Palm of the Iron Fox"
Portrayed by Jonathan Ryan

Broadmore was a Baron of the Badlands. He was the ruler of the Narwhal Territory. His signature weapon was a pair of spiked brass knuckles. He was killed by Quinn.

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“A jovial, barrel-chested brute of a man. He has three wives and four children. Broadmore is military minded and attempts to maintain order among the other Barons.”[1]I’ll

In an attempt to appease his poo of the unsteady new alliance with the Widow, Quinn and his followers are tasked with killing Baron Broadmore and presenting the Widow with his severed head; in exchange for that of Baron Hassan. –– However Quinn reveals that he made the decision to snuff out Broadmore's entire legacy, presenting her with the heads of the late Baron's three wives and four daughters, which angers the Widow and Tilda who state that the children and spouses of the Barons are innocents, and should not be considered targets in their endeavors.


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