Armadillo territory
The southernmost Barony and neighbor of the Pickaxe Territory, the Butterfly Territory, and the Grasshopper Territory, it was formerly ruled by Quinn, until the ambush in the road[1].

Following his supposed death, his son Ryder took command of the Barony until Quinn returned and killed him at the Conclave[2].

Primary OutputEdit

The primary economic output of this territory is Opium, which is derived from the countless poppy fields inside it's borders. Despite being formerly ruled by the most feared and powerful Baron in the Badlands, the Opium produced here is the least important resource of all the seven territories.


Prior to the pilot episode, this territory was ruled by Quinn's former Baron, before he clipped him to take his position and power. After Jacobee, Zypher, and Ryder were defeated by M.K., Ryder took command of the Barony due to Quinn's apparent death and managed to hold onto both The Widow's territory and Jacobee's territory. Once Quinn returned however, he attacked the conclave with his loyalists and killed Ryder himself after a failed attempt to force his son to finish the assassination he planned in the road. With Ryder now dead and Quinn moving back underground, Jade has taken her former husband's title and assumed the command of his Barony with the plan of killing Quinn, this time for good.


  • Due to Quinn's talent for war, this territory has the best trained, best supplied, and most numerous Clipper force in the Badlands.
  • This territory has seen three onscreen Barons, which is more than any other Barony.



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