The Armadillo Territory is one of the seven Baronies of the Badlands. It is the southernmost Barony; with the Pickaxe Territory, the Butterfly Territory and the Grasshopper Territory as it's neighbors.

After the defeat of Baron Jacobee, Armadillo Territory took over Pickaxe Territory.[1]

Due to the events of the war, the boundary of Armadillo Territory has been absorbed into Butterfly Territory.[2]

It is currently ruled by The Widow and her viceroy Lydia after Jade was exiled from the Badlands before the war started and has taken on a new identity as the Horse Territory.

Primary ResourceEdit

Armadillo Territory main resource is the production of opium, from the numerous poppy fields it houses.


  • Unnamed Baron † (formerly; killed and succeeded by Quinn)
  • Quinn(formerly; succeeded by Ryder)
  • Ryder(formerly; succeeded by Jade)
  • Jade (formerly; defeated and exiled; succeeded by The Widow)
  • The Widow


  • Pike (formerly, succeeded by Waldo)
  • Waldo (formerly; retired; succeeded by Sunny)
  • Sunny (formerly, succeeded by Cormac)
  • Cormac(formerly; succeeded by Merrick)
  • Merrick

Animal MotifEdit

The animal associated is the Armadillo Territory is the Albino Armadillo.

Color AssociationEdit

The primary colours of the Armadillo Territory are black and red.

Clipper ForceEdit

The Armadillo Clipper Force is the largest and most feared in the Badlands, trained to protect the highly valued shipments of opium.

Armadillo Clipper's speciality weapon is the longsword.


  • Due to Quinn's talent for war, this territory has the best trained, best supplied, and most numerous Clipper force in the Badlands.
  • This territory has seen three onscreen Barons, which is more than any other Barony.



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